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Pronunciation: b&-'nev-l&n(t)s, -'ne-v&-
Function: noun
1 : disposition to do good
2 a : an act of kindness b : a generous gift

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Welcome to the guild website of Benevolence. We are located in MapleSEA on the Cassiopeia server and just recently got started. This guild was founded on 4 September 2006 with the intention of gathering a group friendly and honest Maplers to help one another as well as the rest of the MapleStory community.

Many of us once belonged to the guild Vengeance, whose main motive was to impose justice upon those who harrassed guild members or committed an illegal act within the game. But due to personal events, our former guild leader became inactive in the game. Eventually, many of its guild members also became inactive and some others joined new guilds. This led to discussions of a new guild being made with only active Maplers in it. And so, Benevolence was created.