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Luk Bandit Guide - ox0Shadow0xo

This guide is for those who have a bit of funding to back their bandit.


To lvl 10:
Get your DEX to 25 then put your remaining AP into LUK

Lvl 11-40:
Dex - 2x Current lvl*
Luk - Remaining AP

Lvl 41+
Dex - Current lvl +40**
Luk - Remaining AP

*Dex only needs to meet equipment requirements,
Lvl 20 = 40 Dex
Lvl 30 = 60 Dex
Lvl 40 = 80 Dex

**Equipment requirements change so Dex only needs to be 40 above current lvl,
Lvl 50 = 90 Dex
Lvl 60 = 100 Dex
Lvl 70 = 110 Dex

Banditsin Build(SinDit)
10 +1 Lucky 7
11 +3 Lucky 7
12 +3 Lucky 7
13 +3 Lucky 7
14 +3 Lucky 7
15 +3 Lucky 7
16 +3 Lucky 7
17 +1 Lucky 7 (MAX), +2 Keen Eye
18 +3 Keen Eye
19 +3 Keen Eye (MAX)
20 +3 Nimble Body
21 +3 Nimble Body
22 +3 Nimble Body
23 +3 Nimble Body
24 +3 Nimble Body
25 +3 Nimble Body
26 +2 Nimble Body (MAX), +1 Disorder
27 +2 Disorder, Dark Sight +1
28 +3 Dark Sight
29 +3 Dark Sight
30 +3 Dark Sight (10)

Pure Bandit Build
10 +1 Double Stab
11 +3 Double Stab
12 +3 Double Stab
13 +3 Double Stab
14 +3 Double Stab
15 +3 Double Stab
16 +3 Double Stab
17 +1 Double Stab (MAX), +2 Nimble Body
18 +3 Nimble Body
19 +3 Nimble Body
20 +3 Nimble Body
21 +3 Nimble Body
22 +3 Nimble Body
23 +3 Nimble Body (Max)
24 +3 Disorder
25 +3 Dark Sight
26 +3 Dark Sight
27 +3 Dark Sight
28 +3 Dark Sight
29 +3 Dark Sight
30 +3 Dark Sight (18)

Some people prefer the pure bandit build because they have double stab, so they don't waste mp when attacking weaker monsters by using savage blow and dark sight is at a higher lvl but i prefer having throwing stars to lvl up through the 2nd job faster until savage blow is strong enough to use. Your choice which you choose. Both have there Pros and Cons.

Lvl 1 - 10: green and blue snails(Maple Island)
Lvl 11 - 20: slimes and orange mushrooms(Slime Tree, Henesys Training Grounds)
Lvl 21 - 25: pigs and ribbon pigs(Pig Beach), or Party Quest[PQ](Kerning City)
Lvl 26 - 30: green mushrooms(Henesys Training Grounds, Mushroom Tree), or Party Quest[PQ](Kerning City)

This is not a big thing for pure bandit since all of your armour and weapons are in Kerning Shop, however if you choose the path of a sindit then getting claws are not as easy as just walking to kerning and buying them.
Here is a list of basic claws(not upgraded) and how to get them:
Steel Titans      15    Orbis, Ludi, JM
Bronze Igor       20    El Nath, Omega Sector, JM
Meba               25     El Nath, Ludi, Aqua Road, Omega Sector, JM
Steel Guards     30     JM
Bronze Guardian 35    JM
Maple Claw        35   Free Market(Unless you got during event)

*You can make all of these claws(excluding Maple Claw) in Kerning by going to JM From Tha Streets and giving him the required materials however you don't have to, if you want to buy claw from a store.

30 +1 Savage Blow
31 +3 Savage Blow
32 +3 Savage Blow
33 +3 Savage Blow
34 +3 Savage Blow
35 +3 Savage Blow
36 +3 Savage Blow
37 +3 Savage Blow
38 +3 Savage Blow
39 +3 Savage Blow
40 +2 Savage Blow (MAX), +1 Dagger Mastery
41 +3 Dagger Mastery
42 +3 Dagger Mastery
43 +3 Dagger Mastery
44 +3 Dagger Mastery
45 +3 Dagger Mastery
46 +3 Dagger Mastery
47 +1 Dagger Mastery(MAX), +2 Dagger Booster
48 +3 Dagger Booster
49 +3 Dagger Booster
50 +3 Dagger Booster
51 +2 Dagger Booster, +1 Haste
52 +3 Haste
53 +3 Haste
54 +3 Haste
55 +3 Haste
56 +3 Haste
57 +3 Haste
58 +1 Haste (MAX), +2 Dagger Booster
59 +3 Dagger Booster
60 +2 Dagger Booster (MAX)
61-70 Whatever you like

Maxing Savage Blow without any Mastery makes your damage unstable for a little while but at least you have 6 hits a lot earlier =). Haste and Booster you can switch up and max 1 before you put points into the other. I put booster up to 13 1st so I can have it last a decent amount of time before recasting it while maxing haste. As for the last 10 lvls go nuts with your sp lol. I personally don't want steal do to the fact that I don't plan on ever using it or think I will need it, but by all means if you want it put points into it. It can't hurt. Same goes for any other skill available. None of them are useless. All up to your personal taste.

Lvl 31 - 35: Zombie Mushroom and Horny Mushroom(Ant Tunnel 1)
Lvl 36 - 40: Wild Boars(Land of Wild Boars), or Ludi PQ*
Lvl 41 - 50: Evil Eye(Evil Eye Caves), Curse Eye(Curse Eye Tree, Sleepy Training Ground), and Fire Boar(Burnt Ladn) or Ludi PQ**
Lvl 51 - 60: Drake(Drake Hunting Ground), Golem(Entrance to Temple of Golem), and Dark Golem(Golem Temple 3, Sleepy Dungeon 4), or Zakum PQ(The Door To Zakum)***
Lvl 61 - 70: Dark Golem(Golem Temple 3, Sleepy Dungeon 4), Red Drake(Dangerous Valley 2), Wild Cargo(Drakes Meal Table, Wild Cargos Area), Tauromacis(Sancuary Entrance),and Coolie Zombie(Forest of Dead Trees), or akum PQ(THe Door To Zakum)***

*You can start pqing at this lvl however it will be hard to find a pt that wants you due to your low dmg. Best to try this when not a lot of people mapling, since pts usually invite anyone they find because of the lack of people. Either way still worth a try. The scrolls sometimes given as a prize can sell for good money.
**Pqing is where high lvl dits and sins are very welcomed. Once you are lvl 47+ you won't have to ask for pq anymore. As soon as you get there, someone will invite you(unless maple is empty). Have fun pwing the pq. Again, scrolls given here can be sold for quite a profit.
***You can do this from lvl 51+. Of course at low lvls you don't want to take on zakum but the quests before the fight give decent exp.

After lvl 40 there are no weapons or armour available to buy in town shops... ANYWHERE. So the only option is to look for them in Free Market(FM) or to try and get them to drop from a monsters. However shoes can still be made by going to npcs. Some daggers can be made but lvl 60+ are the same as the rest of the equipment.
Shoes: Lvl 40 - 60 = Crishama(Sleepywood) and Tara(Ludi Village), Lvl 60 - 80 = Gordon(El Nath)
Daggers: lvl 30 - 50 Rydole(Toy Factory<Aparatus Room>

Gloves are not in any stores from the beggining but can be made or obtained through certain quests:
Gloves: Lvl 15 - 60 = JM(Kerning City) and Sarah(Ludi Village), Lvl 70 - 80 = Neve(Orbis Park)
*lvl 35 glove obtained from John flower quest(2nd one) so don't waste time making 1.

If you have money this is no problem. But if you don't this will be difficult to do. Start at lvl 43 with a Maple Wagner like so:

Maple Wager(clean) Weapon Attack(WA) 62-63. Scroll w/60% scrolls, a 10% or 2 if you're feeling lucky. Hopefully your wagner will end up with around 71+ WA, this way you will have good dmg since you will be skipping lvl 50 daggers.

Deadly Fin[Geta](clean) WA 72+. this all depends on how much money you have, as geta's are extremely expensive, avg WA(72) cost 10 mil+(depending on seller). Settle for avg WA if you want and scroll it the same way as the wagner, whihc is trying for +4 scrolls or better so you can skip the lvl 70 dagger.

Dragon Tail(clean) this 1 you should try to get as high WA as possible since you won't be seeing any other dagger in your hand until 4th job comes out, since varkit(lvl 90) isn't really that much of an increase in attk power from the Dragon Tail(especially if it was above avg).