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Hunter/Ranger Guide - PoIarls

This is the build that I have followed throughout my characters build I used a build from look under the PC section maple story  faqs and guides it's the second one down archer/hunter/ranger guide . This one is by Mathieu Polurde if you want to see the guide in its entirety that is were you need to go=)

First on the dice roll you will need a 4int/4 luk a roll of 4/5 or 5/5 is ok too but 4/4 will help you out a lot in higher levels. To be a hunter you need 5 more strength then your level and the rest go into dexterity. This is what controls your damage so the more dexterity the more damage.

Archer Skills-

Amazons Bless~ Increases your accuracy

Amazons Eye~ Increases your range with arrows

Critical Shot~  Adds 100% more damage to your attack

Focus~ Incenses your accuracy and availability for a short period of time

Double Shot~ Shoots 2 arrows

Arrow Blow~ shoots one powerful arrow

Hunter Skills-

Bow Mastery~ Increases your minimum damage and accuracy

Final Attack bow~ Chances to shoot a powerful arrow after you use a skill

Bow Booster~ Increases your shooting speed for a certain period of time

Power Knock back~ Chances to knock back an enemy by swinging your bow is increased

Soul Arrow~ Does not waste any more arrows

Arrow Bomb~ Shoots an exploding arrow can damage up to 6 enemies

Ranger Skills-

Arrow Rain~ Multiple arrows rain from the sky and even if u are near an enemy you wont swing your bow

Inferno~ Fire elemental attack can hit up to 6 enemies good against ice foes

Puppet~ Summons a puppet that attracts an enemies attention and damage

Silver Hawk~ Summons a hawk that stuns and damages enemies around you

Strafe~ Shoots 4 arrows at one enemy

Mortal Blow~ Allows an archer to shoot an arrow when an enemy is very close also can kill the enemy in one hit at a certain %

Thrust~ Passive skill that boosts your speed

Now for the build ~~~~

This is the one I used but there are many ways to put in your points but critical shot is a must it works with every skill and
is extremely useful. Also Amazons eye is important because you can be farther away from the enemies.

Level    Skill Points
10    +1 blessing
11    +2 blessing +1 eye
12    +3 eye
13    +3 eye
14    +1 eye +2 critical hit
15    +3 critical hit
16    +3 critical hit
17    +3 critical hit
18    +3 critical hit
19    +3 critical hit
20    +3 critical hit
21    +1 arrow blow(needed for double shot)+2 double shot
22    +3 double shot
23    +3 double shot
24    +3 double shot
25    +3 double shot
26    +3 double shot
27    +3 double shot(maxed)

The further away from the monsters you are the safer you are, and you will need less potions. Critical hit is a must and helps a lot in the damage department and I picked double shot because it multiplies your damage times two giving a better chance for a critical hit. some guides say to save your points for when mp cost doubles sure it will save you some money but the training will slow down exponentualy so i just put the points in. As for levels 28-30 you can put the points into what ever you want. I picked Amozons Blessing because it is passive and dosent cost any mp but focus can also be useful pick whichever one you want.

Hunter Build ~

30    +1 arrow bomb
31    +3 mastery
32    +3 mastery
33    +3 mastery
34    +3 mastery
35    +3 mastery
36    +3 mastery
37    +1 mastery +2 booster
38    +3 booster
39    +1 booster +2 soul arrow
40    +3 arrow bomb
41    +3 arrow bomb
42    +3 arrow bomb
43    +3 arrow bomb
44    +3 arrow bomb
45    +3 arrow bomb
46    +3 arrow bomb
47    +3 arrow bomb
48    +3 arrow bomb
49    +2 arrow bomb +1 power knockback
50    +3 power knockback
51    +3 power knockback
52    +3 power knockback
53    +3 soul arrow
54    +3 soul arrow
55    +2 soul arrow +1 power knockback
56    +3 power knockback
57    +3 power knockback
58    +3 power knockback
59    +3 booster
60    +3 booster
61    +3 booster
62    +3 booster
63    +2 booster

There are many ways to use all your points in this build but one thing that helps to know is that mastery stays at 19 because it only gives one extra accuracy and no more damage. Also in this build I just put all my points in arrow bomb instead of saving them when the mp cost doubles this is because you will level very slow if you save them, I should know I saved them and it took twice as long to level very frustrating. But the end of this build is a little fuzzy once you max power knock back  and bow booster you can put the rest of the points wherever. You can max soul arrow or go back to first job skills like focus or blessing

As far as a ranger build I am not at the 3rd job yet. But as far as I can tell the best bet for the first skill to max would be strafe as it is more powerful at level 1 than double shot at level 20. Also arrow rain will replace arrow bomb as your mob attack. For the final build for a ranger you have 151 skill points from level 70 to 120 to play around with. the skills that most people max are listed below the XX ones mean you can put however many points you want in these-

 In no order
30 Arrow rain
30 Strafe
30 Inferno
20 Mortal Blow
XX Puppet
XX Thrust
XX Silver Hawk

As far as places to train just train on anything you can kill in anywere between 1 and 3 hits maybe 4 but once you get that many hits you will level really slow no matter how much experiance the monster gives unless it is a boss monster or you are hunting for a drop you need.

This is the basic build I have fallowed and  it isn't necessarily the best but it has worked out for me.

Again thanks to Mathieu Plourde for writting the build I based mine off of and also his build is copyrighted (c)2005-06

You can contact Mat at :