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Warrior-Spearman - Nairage


This is the first guide i have ever posted so please do guide me along if i err in any aspect and i would give many thanks to you if you do not criticize me for my mistakes. Basically, my guide is for those of you who can fund this spearman, and also have the intention of training this spearman to at least level 70, which is the 3rd job. If not, just take it as a reference, i trust it will also be of help.

Contact information:
maple ign: Nairage (Cassiopeia)

If there's anything you wish to ask or inform me about any errors, please feel free to e-mail me or look for me in-game.


Dice Roll

STR: Anything
DEX: Anything
INT:  MUST be 4
LUK: MUST be 4

Why is it a must for INT and LUK to be 4? Yes, many other guides say 5/5 or 4/5 is okay. But i have already made it clear in my introduction that this guide is directed more towards the gamers who intend to train this spearman to a high level. In higher levels, you will notice that even 1 extra point to STR will show a significant increase in damage towards those monsters you are fighting.

AP Distribution

This distribution section is really up to you. I'm not dexless. But my dex is slightly lower than normal spearmans. So if you want dexless, search for another AP distribution guide.

Level 1-30

Just go 3 STR 2 Dex each level till your dex is 60. (Yes, 60, not 62)

At level 30, your final AP distribution should be:

STR: 102
DEX: 60
INT:  4
LUK: 4

SP Distribution

-Level-      -Skill-            

10:        1 HP Recovery
11:        3 HP Recovery
12:        1 Hp Recovery, 2 Max HP Increase
13:        3 Max HP Increase
14:        3 Max HP Increase  
15:        2 Max HP Increase, 1 Power Strike
16:        3 Slash Blast
17:        3 Slash Blast
18:        3 Slash Blast
19:        3 Slash Blast
20:        3 Slash Blast
21:        3 Slash Blast
22:        2 Slash Blast, 1 Power Strike
23:        3 Power Strike
24:        3 Power Strike
25:        3 Power Strike
26:        3 Power Strike
27:        3 Power Strike
28:        3 Power Strike
29:        3 Endure
30:        3 Endure

This is the build. Slash Blast and Power Strike are alternatives. You can choose which you want to learn first. Why i put 3 to Endure and none to Iron Body is due to the fact that you wish to become a spearman. Iron Body has no significant use. It is more necessary if you wish to become a fighter, as it serves to negate the skill 'Rage'.

Places To Train

Level 1-10: Kills snails and shrooms around Maple Island or Henesys Hunting Ground I. If you like something more challenging, go for orange mushrooms at Maple Island.
Level 11-15: Hang around at Slime Cave. They spawn fast and you should be able to 1 hit KO them by level 12. (Not always, but often.)
Level 16-25: Pig Beach. (Train at the flat ground you land at when u jump off the platform where you spawned or at the top right area of the map.)
Level 26-30: Ant Tunnel I or II. Kill Horny Mushrooms and Zombie Mushrooms. This is where your power strike comes in handy.

I don't recommend Kerning's PQ as the exp you get sucks. You may say its rather good exp. However, how many times can you get in? I STRONGLY object using auto-clickers. It ruins the game for honest players. It's hard for them to get in. However, if you want the items, why not? Give it a try.


AP Distribution

From level 31-70, go for 4 STR and 1 DEX for each level. When you reach level 50, your STR should be 182 and your DEX should be 80. Leave your DEX at 80. Since you're funded, you should be able to get +Accuracy items later in the game (e.g. Brown Bandana). This is to keep your DEX minimum while maximising your attack.

SP Distribution

-Level-      -Skill-

30:        1 Spear/Polearm Mastery
31:        3 Spear/Polearm Mastery
32:        3 Spear/Polearm Mastery
33:        3 Spear/Polearm Mastery
34:        3 Spear/Polearm Mastery
35:        3 Spear/Polearm Mastery
36:        3 Spear/Polearm Mastery
37:        1 Spear/Polearm Mastery
38:        3 Spear/Polearm Booster
39:        2 Spear/Polearm Booster, 1 Final Attack
40:        3 Final Attack
41:        3 Final Attack
42:        3 Final Attack
43:        3 Final Attack
44:        3 Final Attack
45:        3 Final Attack
46:        3 Final Attack
47:        3 Final Attack
48:        3 Final Attack
49:        2 Final Attack, 1 Iron Wall
50:        2 Iron Wall, 1 Hyper Body
51:        3 Hyper Body
52:        3 Hyper Body
53:        3 Hyper Body
54:        3 Hyper Body
55:        3 Hyper Body
56:        3 Hyper Body
57:        3 Hyper Body
58:        3 Hyper Body
59:        3 Hyper Body
60:        2 Hyper Body, 1 Iron Wall
61:        3 Iron Wall
62:        3 Iron Wall
63:        3 Iron Wall
64:        3 Iron Wall
65:        3 Iron Wall
66:        3 Spear/Polearm Booster
67:        3 Spear/Polearm Booster
68:        3 Spear/Polearm Booster
69:        3 Spear/Polearm Booster
70:        3 Spear/Polearm Booster

This is my build. I find it rather useful. Spear/Polearm Mastery MUST be maxed, not left at 19. 1 Accuracy is 1.2 DEX. It's worth the 1 SP. Also, i left my Booster at level 5 as it is sufficient for the level. Next, I pumped SP into Final Attack before Hyper Body as at level 40, when you get to learn level 1 Hyper Body, it will not do any significant increase to your HP/MP bars, even if it is maxed. Go for final attack so you can train faster. Leave Hyper Body for when you are at a higher level. Lastly, i gave only 19 to Iron Wall and 20 to Mastery as i feel that Mastery is more worth it. However, if you prefer Iron Wall, you're free to swap the two.

Places To Train

Level 30-40: Slash Blast Evil Eyes at Cave of Evil Eye I, II, III or IV. This is easy exp and you will find that you level pretty fast. Alternatively, you may try Jr. Kittys at Orbis, The Road to Garden of 3 Colors.
Level 41-50: Cursed Eyes at Forest Up North Tree Dungeon IX. Don't leave if you see an empty map. Change channels till you see some Cursed Eyes. The spawn there will increase to be rather fast after about 15 minutes. Alternatively, you may try copper drakes at Hidden Street: Dangerous Valley I. There will be some fire boars there as well.
Level 51-60: Train on Stone Gollems at Gollem Temple I and II. Mixed Gollem is not ideal at this point of time. You may also want to train at Drakes Meal Table. There are less people there and the spawns are rather fast too.
Level 61-70: Try Tauromacis or Taurospear with a party. Exp will grow fine. At this level, you can also almost kill anything you want in victoria, except Jr. Balrog. Some monsters may be slightly more difficult though.


For level 30, 35 and 40. Just use anything you can get your hands on. At level 35, however, you may wish to scroll your crusader mail and use it till level 50. Get a Maple Impaler at level 43 and scroll it. Use this till level 60.
Level 50: Get the full set equipment. (Crusader Helm, Shouldermail, etc.)
Level 60: Use the full set Oriental. Get Holy Spear and scroll it.
Level 70: Get the full set Plantine and Planet (Helm). Sell your Holy Spear, get a Redemption and scroll it.
Level 80: Get Battle Road. Sell Redemption, get Omega Spear, scroll it.

Oh yes, be sure to get Icarus Cape (2) and Red Snow Shoes Speed +(>8). Warriors like us need the speed.

After level 80 its up to you. Whether you want to scroll your armor and continue using it or not.


Many thanks to my guild members who helped guide me along in this guide. It would not have been possible without you, especially gweegee. Thanks.

Thanks to for ALOT of information.

Thanks to all my friends who Maple with me all day. Love you all! You guys make up the fun part of Maple!