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Official Game Websites:
MapleStory SEA
Benevolence is based in the SEA (SouthEast Asia) version of MapleStory. Visit the website to download the game.

MapleStory Global
The most popular version of MapleStory is Global, which is based in the United States.

MapleStory Official Website
This website contains links to all other versions of MapleStory

Favourite Websites:
Hidden Street
A reliable database of things related to the MapleStory game. It also has its own forum, IRC channel and many guilds in different servers.

Basil Market
Originally an auction website for MapleStory items, it now also contains a forum and its own database.

MMO Tales
This website is also created by the founder of Basil Market. It is a blog provider for people who play online games including Runescape, Gunbound, Silkroad and World of Warcraft.

This is probably the most comprehensive and accurate database regarding MapleStory. It also includes information about certain Cash Shop items but they are writtten in Korean.

A database similar to Hidden Street but less user-friendly. It also contains its own auction system and online radio.

An online character simulator for MapleStory. It is written in Japanese but the actual simulator is user-friendly enough for people who don't understand the language.