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Understand the meaning of the guild name and keep the spirit of it.

Pronunciation: b&-'nev-l&n(t)s, -'ne-v&-
Function: noun
1 : disposition to do good
2 a : an act of kindness b : a generous gift
src: Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Basic Rules
  • Any action considered illegal by MapleSEA is not allowed. Do not beg or spam. You may ask for a favour. But if no one agrees to help you, stop asking continuously.

  • If it is within your capability, please take the time to help your fellow guild members and/or the rest of the MapleStory community. The more you help, the more likely you will be promoted.

  • Please keep arguing to a minimum. If a serious dispute comes up, notify xNsEw, gweegee, or one of the other Counsels.

  • You are required to be kind and courteous to everyone you encounter by default. Only if they are first to harm you are you allowed to retaliate. And even then, we will ask you for an explanation for your actions if we discover you've done something to keep another Mapler from harrassing you. Other Maplers have the freedom of contacting the Director or Counsels if they believe a guild member has done something wrong. It is best if both parties offer proof in the form of screenshots or a video.

  • We will contact you privately if we believe you should be promoted in rank. The final choice of becoming a Counsel is up to you, however. Do not ask to be promoted. Chances are if you even had to ask, we probably didn't want to promote you in the first place.

  • It is compulsory for all guild members above the rank of Recruit to register for the guild forums.

  • Under normal circumstances, we expect you to be relatively active.

  • If you are going to leave your character on hiatus for any reason (e.g. vacation, training a new character, work), please tell us in the forum.

Details and Special Situations
  • In general, we encourage all guild members to take initiative when they see someone asking for help. This is not to say you should help beggars or to freely give your money and old equipment to random Maplers. Rather, try to get at least some idea of how the person is going to use your help and whether they would repay your kindness by helping someone else. The best way to help a person is not by giving them things. It is to invite them to a party, show the best maps for them to train at and give advice on how to get their character to become stronger.

  • Almost all the maps in the world of MapleStory can be shared by at least two people. If a map can be shared, please do so. Sharing a map increases spawn rate. The only reasons you should ask a person to change channels is because the map is already being shared by the maximum number of people without KS occuring, or if the person is deliberately KS-ing you. If someone continuously KS-es you even after you POLITELY asked them to leave, it won't kill you to change channels. Any further problems regarding someone KS-ing a guild member should be directed to the Director or a Counsel. We will try to smooth things out through diplomacy. We do NOT endorse KS-wars and only use them as a last resort.

  • You may use your own characters to mass-defame someone who has done you wrong, but only at your own risk. As a whole, the guild does not endorse mass-defaming and will ignore any requests for mass-defaming unless the other person has defamed you (or asked their friends to defame you) so that you are below 25 fame, and you show proof of being mass-defamed by posting a screenshot in the forum. This is because the minimum fame required for wearing certain equipment and completing certain quests is only 20. Just because you went from 40 fame to 35 doesn't mean it's the end of the world.

  • While there are no strict guidelines on who has or doesn't have potential to be a Counsel, all of them generally have a friendly demeanor and are chosen for their capability for thinking objectively during disputes and difficult situations. Because of this, please trust their ability and try to cooperate with them when they need you to solve a problem (e.g. when they ask you for details about someone who harrassed you). Please respect their decisions and their way of dealing with matters. If you are extremely dissatisfied with their conduct, contact xNsEw or gweegee privately.

If you feel that there are any problems with the rules listed above, post your feedback on the forum stating what needs to be changed and why. This page will be updated according to your needs.